• ultra-nano-2

    Pearl® Waterless Car Wash Advanced Ultra Nano

    Pearl® Waterless Car Wash Advanced Ultra Nano is the ultimate exterior cleaning and detailing solution: clean, refresh, shine and protect with Nano wax technology.

  • professional-2

    Pearl® Waterless Car Wash Professional

    Pearl® Waterless Car Wash Professional is a totally ground breaking Environmentally and User Friendly waterless car wash that can be used to clean and highly polish any part of the car, motorcyle, boat and caravan exterior surfaces.

  • universal-2

    Pearl® Waterless Car Wash Universal Cleaner

    Pearl® Waterless Car Wash Universal cleaner contains premium high-quality ingredients perfect for all interior and exterior vehicle cleaning applications.

  • eco-tyre-2

    Pearl® Waterless Car Wash EcoTyre Shine

    Pearl® Waterless Car Wash Eco Tyre Shine is part of our Eco Friendly, Environmentally Friendly and User Friendly range providing a water based superior showroom tyre shine finish to tyre walls by cleaning, refreshing and treating.

  • microfiber-cloaths

    Pearl® Pro Microfiber Cloth

    The only choice for the professionals, producing the ultimate showroom finish on paintwork, glass, chromes, alloys and plastics, catering for every valeting and detailing need. Ultra absorbent capabilities, ensures it can be used on wet or dry surfaces and is totally machine washable providing that same proven quality over and over again.

  • 11-reasons

    Why you should use Pearl® products

    Waterless Car Wash products have been around for over 30 years and you can find them in almost every country. Below is a short list of the reasons why it is a good idea to use a waterless car wash product on your car, truck, boat or plane.